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Selected Research Topics & Reviews

Currently, most of the papers to the left are either simple write-ups and reviews in theoretical physics, or articles I have been recommended to write-on. For each project, I wrote a write-up of attempts, what went wrong, and where it currently sit.

A few I am still refining, so only their drafts are available. All papers are linked to their PDF. 

Of course, if questions arise, you can submit them down below. 

bd slide.PNG

This is a slide from my presentation on Brans-Dicke gravity as an undergraduate at Winona. 

I also created a seminar series at WSU geared towards what undergraduates want to learn, or be introduced to. This was done by having people vote for the topic, then in the following week I reach out to professors who could introduce the topic. Then, whoever wanted to learn more, there would be held a workshop 2 days after. 

The brochure can be found here (word file).

The form they would fill out for the topic and follow-up are found here and here

However, I created the series amidst the peak of the pandemic! So, only one week was successful. A talk on the history of strings and using mathematica for GR was done. 

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