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Update: LQG & GRE

So, as some may or may not have figured it out, I am returning to WSU to obtain my degree in mathematics, while re-applying to graduate school with the hopes of getting into a more well-suited school that aligns with my research interests (instead of, for the better lack of a term, settling, with what I have here at Lehigh).

To show graduate schools I really am suited for their department, the goal is to correct a few mistakes I had last time: no GRE & PGRE, 2 LORs (letter of recommendations) from research professors and 1 from tutor employer. Those were my main two issues and of course I will now take the GRE and PGRE (twice), and have 3 researcher professors write in for my LORs. I am also planning on reaching out personally to each professor I would intend to work with just to introduce myself and show them my work (this website, which if you are someone I emailed and made your way here, hello)! So, I am currently studying for the GRE, which is surprisingly going smoothly (when I actually get to it), as everything is starting to flood back in and come back to me on how to calculate certain topics. My initial test score was a 750..... (oufta), but that was 2 weeks ago, and I have been studying since.

Other then that, I have one major announcement/goal which is to start going through Rovelli's LGQ textbook and do problem sets and solutions to some of the questions (and maybe some notes). This week is going to be hectic though, so expect the first chapter of solutions to be posted by 8/14/2021 since I am moving back this week, and won't have a lot of time. After then you should expect solutions by the end of the week each Saturday for the following chapters. As a reminder, these are not checked by anyone. They are my own solutions to the problems which I will attempt to answer thoroughly.

Other then that, have a good week, and relax and take time, school is almost here again and don't burnout (like I have been the past 3, maybe 5 weeks.....)!

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