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The New Website Begins!

Today (6/13/2021) marks the start of my new website. I am switching over from google.sites to something a little more professional.

I am planning on having this be a true blog, where I will update once and awhile on what's happening, and what I am currently working on or looking at (for fun).

So, on the life side: I moved 1000 miles from Wisconsin to Pennsylvania, started my REU, trying to find a place to live that's semi-nice, and I am getting used to the area. That's about it.

Professional, with regards to the REU, I have been allowed to continue my research into Ricci flow as the geometrically-dynamic equation for black hole evolution. Which is great since my "research-topic arrow" is usually guided towards more fundamental work. On the side, I am learning more on QFT in curved spacetime, mainly how the connection coefficients are constructed (for a future idea....), and I am working on an article into what historical context lead to extremely influential (or famous) PhD thesis' at the time. In other words, what pointed said person in that direction: a*history + b*(personal philosophy) + c*(outside influences) (where a,b,c are coefficients where their probabilistic norm is 1)?

I am assuming it is going to be something like a,b ~ (0.5)^0.5 where c contributes very little.

Either way, enjoy the weak with this meme to start you off with:

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