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Summer is here.

Good (morning/afternoon/evening), it has been quite some time since I last posted or even updated my blog. But, now that summer is finally here, I (might) have the time to do the activities that I enjoy: reading, learning more physics, maybe make a research outline for my first year of graduate school (and start it)...

So, if you can't tell, I have goals for this summer. One of them is to complete one or two textbook solutions, primarily, the ''Geometry, Topology, and Physics 2nd edition'' textbook by M. Nakahara since. So far, out of the 14 chapters that are in the book I have completed (drum roll) 2.... The end of the semester was quite hectic due to finals, wrapping up research projects to a good point, and finalizing my travel plans to Boston to visit Tufts (and determine a place to live). I also gave a presentation there (in where I will update this post later to have the link), I will attach slides at the end of this post, as well as a few photos of my trip.

Finally, I will also post the two chapters I have finished of Nakahara's textbook at the end of this post. Cheers to a good summer and a good time in the month of June!

tufts-mit presentation 5-10-2022
Download PDF • 3.77MB

geometry and topology solutions
Download PDF • 500KB

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