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Strings in a Nutshell, Ch. 5 (and Spring Break)

Good... well, morning? It is around 3am that I am posting this on 3/7/2022 so I am not sure what sort of greeting occurs at these times of the night (or morning?) However, with that said, Winona State is on spring break, which means late hour work on physics (of course)!

Already off to a great start for our 7 day break, namely I finished going through chapter 5 of Strings in a Nutshell where it is mainly using the conformal field theory learned in the previous chapters applied to amplitude calculations for open/closed bosonic strings. I intend to get through at least chapter 6 and 7 of the text (notes yes, problems, we will see) this week. I picked out the more important problems, namely the ones that appear to be most impactful on the future material (namely things I had no idea where to start, but by the end I knew as seen in the last exercise).

strings nutshell solutions ch 1-5
Download PDF • 405KB

Have a great week, I will be seeing you soon.

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