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Strings and Cosmology

No, this is not a post on the sub-topic within string theory, "string cosmology." Instead, since I have gone through quite a few textbooks (not in their entirety, but the majority) such as Gravitation, Lie Groups: A Problem Orientated Book, Numerical Relativity (some like the first 3 chapter, then research became busy), Chaos Theory (by Strogatz), and QFT (Peskin and Schroeder, the core chapters). However, some of the most pertinent topics as of right now (say, when applying to graduate school), is the loop quantum gravity textbook (hence the solutions and I really enjoy the subject), cosmology (I will never stop learning about cosmology), and string theory.

Hence, I thought it would be a good idea to put the chapters that I do have completed for the textbooks, Cosmology by Peacock and String Theory in a Nutshell by Kiritsis, into two large PDFs. Do Not expect solutions every week for these texts, well, maybe for cosmology but not for string theory (it is quite dense). I completed the first few chapters of each text during the summer, but never typed them up. So the first few chapters may see quick, but after that expect a slower rate.

And, since I am in Real Analysis, I suppose that since I have stated a claim, I should prove it, so here is the beginning outline of each text's solutions.

cosmology peacock solutions
Download PDF • 164KB

strings nutshell solutions
Download PDF • 189KB

Have a good weekend.

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