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Resource//Information Dump - I have too many bookmarks....

Cheers to the weekend... I need sleep.

Anyway, when I was cleaning my laptop out (since I am getting a new desktop finally), I deleted a lot of games, cleaned some files out of hard to reach places, and then I noticed my bookmark bar in chrome.... I have 13 folders, each with at least 12+ bookmarks in each.... So to clean up the clutter, I am going to dumb a lot in this blog post to sort later under my resource tab. Well, here they are (organized):

Links for Information Geometry:

Black Hole thermodynamics:

General relativity (misc. topics):

Ricci flow:

Mathematica, Python, & Latex:

Chaos Theory & Fractals:

Twistors, Strings, LQG....:

Mathematical Physics:

Inkscape (what I use for images):

So, all together, there were 72 links.... minus the majority of them since they were either duplicates of each other (somehow) or not needed or I already read through them!

Now, to end it with a meme:

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