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Recent Presentations

In the past two weeks, I have given 3 talks (2 done, 1 planned) on topics in theoretical physics, and thought they may be of used to some people. One is on an introduction into the Swampland Distance Conjecture (DC), the other is on geometrical physics and current hot topics (focus is on QG), and finally a presentation on explicit string calculations, which I am planning on updating since it seems like it could become a small series (the first one is on the Hagedorn temperature).

The DC presentation is done via a derivation from bosonic string theory. It should be noted that in all my presentations, anytime someone is mentioned (a name appears), then it is linked to the referenced paper.

swampland presentation
Download PDF • 214KB

The geometry of physics presentation is solely qualitative (although some technical aspects are mentioned). The main goal was to convey and specify the differences between each field of geometry while showing how they are linked, as well as give a pictorial representation of each field of geometry when it was suitable.

geometry and physics prezi
Download PDF • 1.17MB

The last presentation on technical calculations in string theory is suppose to show that within string theory, it is not all derivations and finding nice results. There are a lot of calculations and numbers that can be found, which was shown in the Hagedorn temperature example. This problem was pulled from volume 2 of Polchinski's string theory, chapter 11: heterotic strings. This presentation, I plan on updating (and maybe the geometry of physics one as well....).

technical string calculations
Download PDF • 131KB

As a final send off, I took the below photo my first week here at Lehigh University. Pretty campus, but man, is it humid. My northern-made body is not suited for this....

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