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QM Cosmology and Physics 2

Hope last week went well. Not much has happened this week. I made another lab (as I will be for the rest of the semester), and created a research proposal to study quantum cosmology with some partial funding from Winona State.

The lab I created was for Biot-Savart law which can be found below.

Phys222 Lab 10
Download PDF • 627KB

And with respect to studying quantum cosmology, I made an undergraduate research proposal to submit for "PIF" since I am part of the "IFO." If you are wondering what those mean (as I still have to look up what they mean once and awhile), PIF means Professional Improvement Funds, and IFO is the Inter Faculty Organization. Which, if you are wondering how I am part of that; when I was hired as a Master Tutor for Winona State, I was hired as an adjunct. Which is cool but also weird at the same time since I now share the same union as my professors.... But all this means is that I can request, in essence, grant money to fund projects that lead to "professional development."

The project in question is an introduction into quantum cosmology, a topic that may finally, be the direction I want to face for now on in terms of research. I first started out with classical cosmology (Brans-Dicke with a fermionic field), then AdS/CFT and other "stringy" business, then Ricci flow and studying thermodynamics of black holes, then research in string's Swampland program (which I am still doing, and enjoying), and now quantum cosmology. Either way, below is the proposal I made which was used to get approval for funding.

wsu 2021 research proposal
Download PDF • 93KB

Now, as far as next week goes, I am trying to cut out time for strings in a nutshell chapter 3 as well as chapter 4 and 5 of loop quantum gravity, but I am prepping to apply to ALL graduate schools this weekend... so maybe not.

Have a good week.

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