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Loop Quantum Gravity Ch. 3 Solutions

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

FINALLY, the solutions for chapter three of LQG are done and available on this post for Rovelli's text. And if things go well, then chapter four will be out this weekend (fingers crossed)! There are a few reasons for why these solutions took so long. First, I started to get swapped in work, and wasn't on my usual war-path version of work-efficiency, but now I am. I also was studying for the physics GRE intensely for two week, finally took it and... well, I can see why Universities are dropping the test like a hot potato (I am probably not going to use it for my applications either, the regular GRE yes, not the physics one). BUT, I am back, and the solutions are here.

Hopefully I will be seeing you guys later this week posting solutions for chapter four (although I think my optimism is getting the best of me).

Have a great week.

LQG partial solutions
Download PDF • 286KB

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