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It has been 6 months...

Wow, my last post on my blog was a little over 6 months ago, and well, a lot has happened since. First, I moved to Medford, MA (north of Boston) to attend Tuts University for graduate school in cosmology and theoretical physics. (I am a doctoral/PhD student). I am taking the normal courses you would think one would take as a first year, quantum theory 1, electromagnetism 1, and classical mechanics, but I am also taking a fourth class, quantum field theory 1 (or advanced quantum mechanics as it is called in Tufts' course catalog). This has been rather challenging, and I am hanging on by a thread (grade wise with respect to getting at least an A-). This has been eating up a lot of my time. However, I have found time for some of my other hobbies.

I have been working on solutions for Nakahara's textbook, but have only had time to complete two chapter worth, chapter 3 and 4 but I wanted to be thorough since it is completely new mathematics that I have never been exposed to. That is linked below this paragraph. It has started to become quite a large file due to all the images I had to create for chapter 4 (you will see what I mean).

geometry and topology solutions
Download PDF • 16.12MB

I have also been taking advantage of the area I am living in, namely Harvard is right next door (20 minute bike ride max) over in Cambridge, and MIT is about another 10 minutes over south of Harvard (or a 30 minute travel all together). There is also the subway which connects both of them quite quickly, and, if the (for the love of god) Green line construction finally finishes near Tufts, then you can ride the Green line from Tufts (Medford) to Park street (Boston Commons), then back up the Red line to Kendall/MIT then Harvard. (I am explaining this in detail since, well, coming from a town of ~9k people, this is pretty cool).

I also went to visit Salem, since it is practically next door, and the witch trials, in a pure curosity sense, is pretty neat and cool. But then I got distracted and went to visit a pirate museum as well for most of my time there.

Finally, with respect to research, I have not had much time at all, namely because any of the topics I would like to get into require a large learning curve. So, I have been tackling that, and trying to find a good problem that is still within string and/or string-cosmology, that I can attempt now. I think I have found possibly two, but we shall see over winter break. And speaking of winter break, I already have my work cut out for me so that I can take a "special class" during the spring, but for now I will keep that under the wraps. Otherwise, I hope everyone had a great summer, and is surviving this fall semester or fall in general for those not in academia.

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