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Hypocrisies in Life and Among Society.

A few relevant topics and processes in everyday life have recently been accumulating examples in each aspect of my life, and perhaps, should be addressed. These are mainly phrases I have recognized that are touted among my generation in particular (but across the board in age), and the phrase I have put together being, "stop making life more difficult for those around you." To support both of these, I shall give examples I have gathered in the past week (as proclaimed initially), and evaluate them based upon the title of whether or not people truly life by them (or are a mere robot who only know how to accept information, and proceed to spew it out).

"Reuse, Reduce, and Recycle."

It is Friday the 25th of June and I have finished shopping for groceries at Target. I walk out of the store, staying to the right, and follow the pedestrian-laid path to my left all the way until I reach my car perpendicular to me (since this seems to me to be perhaps not the most economical, but does reduce the congestion of cross-walks, making it a less chaotic system). I dismount the path, walk to (or rather stroll) to my car, put away my groceries in the trunk, and when putting my cart away, I find a cardboard-box suitable for an infants car-seat (as that is what it is designated for). I sigh, put my cart away, and take up the self-assigned task of properly disposing of said box. In it, I find more trash: a mask, Coke-bottle, two wrappers, and some miscellaneous paper. Luckily, I have a car trash-can for the trash, and enough room in my car to house the box after I break it down.

However, what strikes me are the amount of people around me, but at a large enough distance so their presence is not known, in a state of wonder as to what or why I am picking up someone else's trash. I am not a liberal, and believe in a robust-governmental agenda to make sure nobody pollutes or we become a green planet, nor am I a conservative either putting the planet (I try to stay in the middle but perhaps I lean to the former). However, I understand helping when I can at each point within my day. The looks are startling. Their confusing gazes carrying their ignorance like how a photon carries the electromagnetic force (their is my physics for the day). How everyone around me could have done the same, but didn't.

"Be precise in your speech."

In all honesty, I am quoting Professor Jordan Peterson on this one, but adding my anecdotes.

If we are discussing a dramatic, or highly sensitive topic, know that each word I say has weight, and meaning. They are not words stringed together is a poor manner. If I state an example, and give no insight afterwards into its true meaning, it is meant as a shock, and for you to decipher for yourself. Stay on the example, do not run away from questioning the core of the example by interjecting something of no importance to the current discussion (but perhaps related, meaning it should be farther down the line of conversation). This is not helpful for any parties involved; it is a weakness of having difficult conversations.

Take pauses, have time to think, a conversation is not a race, but a collective dialogue with no time limit.

"Stop making other's life worse in order to make yours better."

To make this most clear, I will give an example. Here, at Lehigh University, not only must you be vaccinated to be on campus, but you also must evaluate an electronic "Health Form" everyday thirty minutes before hand in order for your keycard to even work when entering door.


Consider now if you are running late, or equally running with the day (since your morning has gone so well), and you meet the door. The door looks innocent, yet menacing with its metallic form. You scan your keycard hastily while pulling on the door in a synchronous fashion - at it does not open. You realize your fault: you did not obey another rule set forth by people who "know more then you." And simply put, they do know more. Perhaps I am in the wrong. Perhaps my over reaction of cussing at the school outside the door was not warrant. But all I simply want to do is work. Or, the rules up to this point were already suffice for the current situation, and everything afterwards is overkill.

However, in my opinion, this was overkill.

People are already stressed out in daily activities and with work. People today are currently being pressed with, {how to live healthy, what to eat and what not to eat, the current air with politics and whether or not this decision may push people over the edge and boom goes a nuclear device, how are their friends doing, how is their family going, are they giving enough attention to their pets, are they spending each waking moment of their day fulfilled with their direct desires being supported by a morality constructed from their history, since, as we must accept, this is it.}

Thus, sometimes adding in what seems like a harmless five minute assessment may push someone over the edge.

And finally, to end on a note hopefully everyone will agree on, chew with your mouth closed, and never when talking. I am more then gladly to wait after you finish eating to indulge you in a conversation, but I do not want to see the process of grinding down food into a form suitable for your digestive processes supported by millions of years of evolution.

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