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Cosmology, University Physics 2, & the Swampland

Good morning/afternoon/evening.

Hope the month has gone well, it has gotten quite busy and hectic which would explain why I haven't posted, or updated my website in quite some time. However, I am here now, and here is a quick update of my work.

First, I finished the solutions for Cosmological Physics by Peacock (chapter 1-11 and 18) for most if not all of the problems except for a few in those selected chapters. That PDF can be found below this paragraph.

cosmology peacock solutions
Download PDF • 432KB

I also have begun making the individual labs for University Physics 2 (222 or 2002 depending on your university's numerical system for coursework).... They are not easy, especially when you want to maximize understanding, maximize the amount and level of material (suitable for this level), all within a constrained time, and still get the information across. The first lab I made (which was for this week's Tuesday) is also found below if anyone else is in a similar situation.

PHYS222 lab 8
Download PDF • 353KB

I am planning on make the rest of the labs for the semester as well.

Also, tutoring has picked up a lot. Which is good news, people are utilzing the service, but bad news for the amount of time I have to work on: strings in a nutshell, LQG, and research (swampland and quantum cosmology).

OH, I also attended as a poster presenter for the NSF-Poster Symposium which was last week Saturday (10/16/21), which I will also attach if anyone wants to view it.

The full image is 48x36inches so you may want to download the image instead to view it in its entirety.

Other then that, I am grinding away at research, strings in a nutshell text, LQG when I get a chance, but one of my courses, Real Analysis is quite a beast...

Have a good week.

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