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Cosmology, and Strings in a Nutshell Solutions

How is everyone doing? We are heading into the Fall season and things are looking on the bright side. I have finished chapter one and two of Cosmology by Peacock (almost chapter 3), and some of the problems for String Theory in a Nutshell by Kiritsis of the first two (chapter one is an introduction). For Peacock, I am doing select problems that have a direct impact on what I want to learn and study, and for Kiritsis I am doing an extremely selective number of problems since just the first chapter has 17 (while Peacock has just 7). However for Peacock, I try to do most of the problems since there are not that many, and sometimes do not demand a lot of work. Peacock is also kind enough to put partial explanations for each problem in the back of the book, but most of the time they do not offer much insight (this is where I come into the picture). Kiritsis however requires a lot. The solutions can be found on the "Resource Page" in the first box on this webpage. Or, you can find them directly here:

strings nutshell solutions
Download PDF • 283KB

(Notice the file size, they update each week, that is how you tell which one is new.)

cosmology peacock solutions
Download PDF • 309KB

I also was planning on having chapter 4 of Loop Quantum Gravity by Rovelli done by today, but a lot within the Tutoring department was happening this week, so I did not have that much time. But, the plan for this week is: Chapter 3, 4, 5, and 6 of Peacock (I really enjoy Cosmology), Chapter 3 of Kiritsis (either 6 or 7 problems out of 22), and Chapter 4 of Rovelli.

Also, when going through my notes when I was learning Quantum Field Theory (the basics) via Peskin and Schroeder, and I was planning on putting together solutions for for QFT, but someone already has... A mad man (mad in the sense of brilliant and hard working) named Zhong-Zhi Zianyu has completed the entire textbook which is linked here (click-me) for anyone's use. So, what I thought I could do is to make an equation "cheat-sheet" for the entire text. These equations would be ones that are used for problems within the text. So, that way when you are doing problems, you don't have to fan through the text, just refer to my equation sheet. This is not finished yet, but I am making great progress. Not this upcoming week, but perhaps next week I will have the equation sheet done.

That is all I have, have a good week, I will see you next Sunday.

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